Eyes Wide Castle

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New Year’s Eve in a Castle

Mystical, hidden and mysterious, surrounded by untouched nature, yet not far from the German capital Berlin…..

This is how you describe the location of Red Castle, a CASTLE for the elegant masks of New Year’s Eve.

Let yourself in for the erotic magic of this Eyes Wide Schloss «EWS» night, a sensual-hedonistic, decadent and at the same time elegant New Year’s Eve party at the turn of the year in a REAL CASTLE.


  • Elegant evening attire
  • All guests must wear masks until 24:00 hrs
  • Gala buffet
  • Wellness Floor
  • Love Lounge Floor
  • Fetish floor
  • DJ music in the big hall
  • Large bar with huge selection
  • Selected elegant audience
  • Hot tub with 38 degrees under the open sky
  • New Year’s Eve Champagne
  • New Year’s waltz
  • High altitude fireworks
  • After midnight, you can take the masks of
  • Finest food and noble drinks are included

Almost everyone from the lifestyle scene knows the film «EWS» with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise and the stimulating scenario in the secret castle… This feeling, this mood, magnificent outfits and a REAL CASTLE form the backdrop for the turn of the year 19/20 near Berlin. Be there and immerse yourself for one night in a sensual and mysterious hedonistic world.

First, you walk through the chic reception area, which is also connected to the changing rooms. A stairway up, after the first flirting, an erotic dance or a walk in the castle of lust, a visit to the spa area is worthwhile. Enjoy the wellness feeling of the sauna, relax in the well-tempered whirlpool, relax in the haze of the steam bath, recover under the huge Rain-Waterfall shower.

The salon with the magnificent bar is the communicative centre for flirting, getting to know, dancing and celebrating with crackling eroticism. The physical well-being will be taken care of right next to the salon.

As a treat you can go from all floors to the spacious outdoor area, where the heated Hot Tub is waiting for you! And who can claim to have experienced a New Year’s Eve in 38 degrees warm water under the open sky with a view of the fireworks?

At least til midnight, all present guests must wear a Venetian mask, which can be made from various materials and can be in different shapes. Thus also for eyeglass wearers or make-up suitably: Very thin metal, silk fabric, lace, Venetian hard masks, painted masks, etc… We have a limited selection of masks available for purchase at the checkout. No entrance without a mask and elegant evening dress, which may be of course erotic.

Ladies: Deep décolleté, transparent, very deep back cut up to the bottom, long leg slit in the dress up to the hip, high heels, suspenders and suspenders visible…with appropriate figure gladly only mask + collar + high heels. Dress of the O, cape as from the movie EWS with lingerie underneath…

Men: at least elegant black or white suit, with plain shirt, or better a complete tuxedo or tailcoat, these ones gladly with accessories like cylinder, walking stick as a nobleman. Cape like from the movie EWS with white shirt underneath. Chic matching footwear.

After midnight, guests can still wear the masks, if they choose so, to preserve the mystery or take them off to openly reveal oneself and take part in the wild hustle and bustle of the castle.

After midnight, the dress code can be relaxed in style if you visit the game areas. Women can wear even more attractive outfits, men can get rid of their bow tie, tie and suit jacket. In the salon and at the bar as well as in the buffet area, all guests will be stylishly dressed again. Please do not «wrap towels, bath slippers or be barefoot» there. Exception: A couple comes as a respectable CMNF couple, then the lady may be dressed also only with collar and shoes.

The kitchen will prepare delicious things for you, the bar crew will fulfil all your drinks wishes, the DJ will captivate you on the dance floor, the driving beat will be heard in the dungeon where the maids and stable boys have opened the wild round dance.

The different play areas, which are spread all over the castle, will let you experience the Love Lounge as well as the BDSM style equiped places.

There are small guesthouses in the village and country hotels in the neighbouring villages. We will be happy to write these to you in the information after registration.

From the Center of Berlin you can reach the CASTLE in less than 1 hour. International guests use one of the two Berlin airports less than 80 minutes away.

How about a short visit over a few days in Berlin, because Berlin is always worth a visit and as a highlight the Eyes Wide Castle Night on New Year’s Eve…..

Target group

  • Well-groomed, high-class, hedonistic guests from 21 to 49 years old. Exceptions up and down in age can be made by us after a visual get to know, please contact us and write us or call us.
  • Guests who love something special and enjoy unusual events.
  • Couples, single females and equal number to the single females, a selected number of suitable single men, known to us. Trios e.g. with a house friend are also very welcome. Couples can also be special purpose groups, in which 2 solo persons join together.

Dress code

  • Elegant evening dress for lady and gentleman
  • Mask for all until 24 o’clock (after that, optional)
  • After midnight – stylish erotic, provocative
  • For more detailed description and examples see the text above in the event description.



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